We are only a few months away from the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra moon and despite the fact that a new trailer was released two days ago the fans seem a bit...underwhelmed.

Where’s the hype? For that matter, why can’t I get hyped personally?

Part of that might be explained by the fact that, rather than a new game, we are probably looking at the ‘special editions’ here. Maybe, like Ruby and Saphire had a special edition in Emerald, these games are just the same as Sun and Moon with minor changes and some new features you may or may not use.

It’s always harder to be excited when it feels like less effort has been put into a game.

Youtube has been pretty quiet too. GameXplain and a number of other channels have taken a crack at analyzing the trailer and the new map, but nothing like the wave of theories and lists of Pokémon that needed Alolan forms we saw for Sun and Moon.

Another reason for the lack of hype might be that...well...we don’t know a whole lot. Even though the trailer says it reveals more details, there are still a lot of very basic things we don’t know.


Is this a special edition or are these actually different games? Is the story the same? Will we meet Lillie, Cosmog and Tapu Koko again? Will new Pokémon be available? New Alolan forms? Do we still have to do island trials, or have they replaced that with something better?

Frankly, we just don’t know what these games are supposed to be and with so little information out it kind of feels like there is not a lot of confidence in these games.

We do know that the male character is dressed a lot worse, though.


What do we know?

  • There will be new Z-moves
  • You seem to obtain your starter Pokémon in a different place than in Sun and Moon
  • We’ve seen at least one new location
  • It seems like there will be more Pokémon wandering around in the overworld. Some even seem to react to you, like the Rockruff in the trailer. Maybe party members will walk behind you again?
  • There’s a wormhole above Poni Island for some reason
  • Lunala and Solgaleo will somehow fuse with Necrozma.
  • There will be an event-only Rockruff that can evolve into a Dusk Form.

And that’s kind of it. Weirdly, we seem to know more about the Alola Photograpy club feature in the games than the games themselves. The only thing we don’t know about that is why in Arceus’ name they felt the need to include it.


Or are you suggesting there’s a greater point to this that I’m not seeing?

A part of the reason the hype is so slow to build is the difference in communication between these games and Sun and Moon.

For Sun and Moon, there were a lot of small updates that introduced Z-moves, or 7th gen Pokémon or Alolan forms. That created a lot of excitement.


Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are obviously not introducing a new generation of Pokémon and if there are new Alolan forms, there will probably be even less than there were in Sun and Moon so maybe they’re simply waiting to reveal those.

Maybe it’s a good thing not to know too much before the games come out, but they are leaving us in the dark a bit here.

So if there’s no hype right now, what would it take to create hype?

For me, I want to see how the games are different from Sun and Moon. I want to see differences in the plot, I want to see new trial captains...actually I want to see something better and more challenging than the island trials, but I’ll take new trial captains.


They’re kind of teasing the return of having Pokémon on your team following you around again and a lot of people would absolutely rejoice if that were to happen.

Most of all, I want to see more Alolan forms. 2nd gen Pokémon seem like a good bet, as gold and silver will be released on the eshop soon.

I was a bit disappointed with the fact that there were very few Pokémon who got an Alolan form, so seeing a few new ones would probably go a long way towards creating some hype.


Maybe we might see more information in the coming months, so let’s hope we see something really cool.

Right now, I’m a bit worried.